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Web Design & Development Professional, Quality web design services Coastal Web Innovations is a full service web design company, designed for those seeking to create a place on the web; whether it be for business or personal visibility. We offer experienced, innovative website creation and graphic design with a personal touch - tailored for your individual needs. Our goal is to facilitate the entire process of setting up your home on the web in any way possible - no matter how simple or complex. We believe having an address on the World Wide Web is becoming increasingly important for today's business world, and simply can't say enough about the benefits of giving your patrons 24 hour access to your company. Coastal Web Innovations wants to be your source for creating the customized online presence you've always wanted!

Our proficiency not only includes the various flavors of (X)HTML, but PERL, Javascript, CSS, PHP, Flash, MySQL, and Adobe Photoshop. We can do anything from a simple 1-5 page informational site, to the more complex database driven e-commerce sites with personalized shopping carts. Our number one objective is to merge your vision of the ideal website with our technical experience, along with the knowledge of what attributes will bring traffic to your site. View Portfolio

Why Choose CWI? www All too often, web designers create sites that they like. CWI wants your site to be what YOU like. We promise to offer constructive suggestions, but ALWAYS be actively incorporating YOUR preferences first and foremost. We are simply here to transform your ideas into a truly interactive and enjoyable experience for your established as well as potential customers.

Many web designers do a great job in their design process, but may not be as familiar with cross browser and screen resolution compatibility. CWI tests from all the major browsers and screen resolutions to confirm our coding will work with whatever configuration your visitors are using. We don't want the website to just look good to you - We want your guests to also have a functionally sound website - regardless of whether they're browsing with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox or Opera.

Another important distinction with Coastal Web Innovations, is that we never forget for whom we're designing the site; something that is too often overlooked. Some webmasters know everything in the world about all the "rules" of programming, but do not always include you, the site owner, in their design process. This leaves you with a great site that they like - but not necessarily the one you really had a chance to insert your personal tastes. Coastal Web Innovations will listen and include you closely throughout the design process. Quite simply, we don't believe your site is the same without your ideas and input. And, our proficiency in programming as well as graphic design means you'll never have to sacrifice functionality for aesthetics, or vice versa.