Importance of Link Building Published: 09/10/2007
Link building is the process of getting other web pages, and web sites to place a hypertext link to yours, which generates direct targeted traffic to your site, while more importantly increasing your search engine visibility and rankings. Building a strong linking profile to your site, is the #1 aspect of Search Engine Optimization that will improve your search engine rankings, and skyrocket the overall amount of traffic your web site receives. The process of building links, though tedious and daunting when just getting started, is a crucial requirement of building and maintaining a web site with long term success in mind. You can use directory submission services like ours to help give your site's initial linking profile a kick-start, but these services should not be considered the end-all be-all by any means. Building links to your site should be an ongoing process of research, communication and attaining natural and quality in-coming links to your web site. This article will outline a few ideas and techniques that any web master can use to help generate and maintain a strong linking relationship with other relevant web sites.

Purchasing One Way Links
The easiest and most straight forward way to generate incoming links to your site is simply to buy them. Either directly from web sites that are relevant and similar to your own, or by paying a Search Engine Optimization specialist to act on your behalf as a Link Broker. There are many utilities and tools that can be used to help you find web pages that would be prime candidates to purchase links from such as

However there are a few pitfalls to buying, or renting links from other web pages. First and foremost this technique should not be considered unless you have a small sum of money that you're willing to spend to generate these incoming links. I generally recommend a minimum of $500.00 to get a new site's feet wet and started. Secondly you want to pick and choose where you're buying links from very carefully. Paying special attention to the PageRank and Search Engine Saturation (how many pages the site have been indexed by the major search engines) to ensure that you're getting your money's worth.

Link Exchanges & Partnerships
Another Technique that is commonly employed is to exchange links with other web masters. Meaning, you place a link back to his/her site from your web page, and they'll place a link back to yours. Most often web masters will create a links or resource section on their website, which is where they typically place links out to their linking partners, and affiliates. Finding sites that are prime candidates to exchange links with are those that are linking out to other relevant sites in your field. Once you've found a web site that you're interested in exchanging links with, contact the web master via email with your offer. Try to write a personal email and refer to specific content and aspects of their site to show that you've actually taken the time to look over their site before sending your request; and you will be far more likely to receive a positive response. Don't become discouraged if you receive a very poor, or small response from other web masters as in my personal experience typically only 1 in 10 "link exchange requests" end in success. Though this method does take a bit of communication skills, elbow grease and time the long term benefits can make phenomenal impacts in the successfulness of your site.

Article Writing & Content Distribution
Another effective technique to build incoming links to your site is by creating and distributing information and content to other web pages. There are many web sites that will accept articles and tutorials and offer them up for distribution as syndicated content all over the Internet. Some of the top resources to submit your articles and content to are: Ezine Articles,
Idea Marketers, Article Central to name a few. Most often when an article is submitted and picked up for syndication an "authors box" or "authors bio" is included which can include a few details about the services you provide, and more importantly a link back to your web site.

Submitting your article(s) to the various article directory web sites among the Internet can be a time consuming process but is well worth the effort put forth. You can generate several 1,000's of links back to your site in a very short period of time using this technique and the strength of article submission should not be overlooked by any web master that's interested in increasing the traffic to his or her web site.

In this article l've covered three of the most commonly employed techniques used by many web masters both young and old to help generate a wealth of incoming links to their site. Hopefully after reading this article you understand the raw power that generating incoming links to your web page has. If you have any questions regarding the link building process or thoughts that l have not covered in this article, please feel free to contact us today, and we'd be happy to help.

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