Professional copy writing services

Copy Writing Content Generating Services by Coastal Web Innovations Know what you want to say, but not sure you have quite the time or focus to put it into text? We can help here as well! Not only does our writer have a degree in English, but she will work with Jeff to make sure your content is as keyword rich as it is enjoyable to read.

These days you can't just have pretty graphics or an innovative navigational design. You need to keep people's attention and sell your product with thoughts and ideas. Not only is your information crucial, but the way it is presented is key as well. You can lose well deserved credibility if your writing is peppered with typographical and spelling errors. There are thousands of people out there with top notch ideas who just need a little help getting them verbalized in a way that's easy and enjoyable to read. Not having this, can plague otherwise great content. AND, you can take comfort in knowing that all content generated from CWI will be ORIGINAL content. This is important because without original content, search engines simply won't give your page the weight it would otherwise deserve.

We have two types of writing services available: Coastal Web Innovations Professional Copy Writing Services Proofreading
If you already have your content written the way you want it, but just need help analyzing it for spelling and grammar errors, this is a service we can do for you. Please note - This service is included at no additional cost if CWI is designing your site.

Full Content Writing
This is where you have some great ideas that you just want put into words. In other words, there is no proofreading needed because there's no content to proofread. In this case we'll usually need a main bullet point idea for each section you want on the page - We can expand from there, but need to know what it is you're looking to convey. The more ideas, the less time in most cases. Then just tell us what "tone" you're looking to convey (strictly professional, friendly, etc.) so we can be sure to better match the content to your audience, and we'll be off and running!

Remember, not everyone enjoys writing or has put the focus into the art - So don't be discouraged thinking you can't have a web site just because you can't write. This is just another one of the many services Coastal Web Innovations is happy to offer.